Bambi's Learning Centre for Children

  • Far view of porch
  • Infants in the water
  • Play Yard
  • Playground
  • Bike Track

Welcome to Bambi’s Learning Centre for Children

Bambi’s is a licensed child care centre that has been fostering children’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development for over 45 years.

We offer full-day care from Monday to Friday and are open from 6:45am to 5:30pm. We accept children from newborns up to and including 5 years of age.

The staff at Bambi’s has been participating in the Raising the Bar on Quality initiative. This is a voluntary program designed to make sure a quality program is being offered.

Families who are part of our Bambi family have three major advantages:

1. The staff not only have the required training (RECE), but they are also committed to continuing education through professional development and other types of continuing education options.

2. Staff develop programs for the children in their care based upon the children’s developmental needs. They use the Ontario Early Learning Framework as a guide in determining each child’s needs.

3. Parents and Caregivers are able to see their child’s progress in each area the Ontario Early Learning Framework covers via their child’s individual learning binder. Staff record each child’s progress by taking pictures when a skill has been mastered. When the child graduates from our program, the binder contents are given to the parents.